Afraid of Laser Dentistry: the Reasons Discussed in This Blog Should Comfort You

Afraid of Laser Dentistry: the Reasons Discussed in This Blog Should Comfort You

Practically everyone is anxious about visiting dentists for any treatment regardless of whether the procedure is minimal or invasive. Dentists are aware that hundreds of thousands of patients suffer from dental anxiety and have made arrangements to adopt the latest in dental technology to make patients feel comfortable in their offices. Dentists are providing soothing and effective treatments with laser dentistry, which has been around for some time but not widely accepted by dentists.

Laser dentistry makes it less stressful and more comfortable for patients to undergo different treatments with ease. The use of lasers has made it easier for dentists even to treat children that are often uncooperative in the dentist’s chair. If dental lasers are scaring you, it is time you spent a few minutes educating yourself to understand the reasons mentioned in this blog that will ease the fears of your mind.

What is Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the latest in dental technology being adopted by dentists to provide different types of treatments. Lasers, despite being available for dental procedures from the last couple of decades, wasn’t being used until recently. Dentists must make a significant investment in the equipment and also the qualification and training needed to perform laser treatments. Many types of medical procedures are presently being performed with lasers. Therefore it would help if you are tempted to understand the laser treatment benefits to dispel the fears in your mind about lasers.

How Does Laser Dentistry to Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Dental work is less scary for people of all ages because the dentist will be using a laser that emits high-energy light along with water to treat different types of oral problems. Lasers can be used to perform various dental procedures without using the dental drill. The latest technology also eliminates the sounds and smells of the dental office, which often scares adults as well as children.

The use of light and water eliminates noise and causes less pain to provide patients with the most significant benefit of the treatment. When dentists use lasers, they are reducing the bleeding that occurs during and after the procedures. Dentists can target problems in the patient’s mouth more accurately by using a dental laser. This indicates that the methods will not affect other areas in the mouth than necessary.

The reasons mentioned indicate dental procedures are becoming easier, less painful, and disturbing with the use of laser dentistry. Besides, adults children undergoing treatments for tooth decay or cavities will not fear laser dentistry instead of the traditional method.

Procedures Performed Using Laser Dentistry

Dr. Mark Whitlock, the dentist in Cordova, is proud to offer patients treatments with soft tissue lasers to deal with several conditions. Some of the conditions that benefit from laser dentistry are the following:

Laser Frenectomy

Many children have a tongue tie that restricts muscle movement. Their tongue is connected to the bottom of the mouth. Laser frenectomy cuts through the tissue to ease the restriction caused to allow unrestricted movement. Frenectomies performed with lasers restrict bleeding and enable the child to recover quickly.

Gum Contouring

Reshaping the gums is a cosmetic procedure but a necessity to expose more of the tooth or to make the gum line asymmetrical. Gum contouring can correct gummy smiles, and small portions of tissue removal will help to balance your smile.

Removing Benign Growths

Benign tissue growths such as canker sores and fibromas are uncomfortable, and many patients generally want to have them removed. Laser dentistry makes it possible to remove the benign growths in a speedy and straightforward procedure.

Standard Procedures Treated by Dentists with Laser Dentistry

Besides the procedures mentioned above, dentists are using lasers for treating common problems like tooth decay without drilling and also for treating periodontal disease. Cavities can be detected early with the use of lasers. The detection is beneficial because it helps the dentist to offer prompt treatment before the condition progresses to need invasive therapies.

Laser dentistry is the perfect solution for adults and children that are scared of visiting the dentist’s office for many reasons. However, Arlington Dental can ease the fears of patients by offering laser dentistry that makes it easier to perform various procedures effectively and painlessly.

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