Dental Bonding Helps to Get Back Your Precious Smile before Valentine’s Day

Dental Bonding Helps to Get Back Your Precious Smile before Valentine’s Day

Feb 01, 2021

Tooth enamel is the most vital part of the human body. The enamel makes your teeth incredibly durable, helping you to smile, chew, and even open packages whenever necessary throughout your life. The strength of the enamel enables your teeth to indulge in these activities, some of which you shouldn’t.

Chipping your teeth is not a significant challenge and is much easier than you believe. You don’t need punches on your face or become involved in a sporting incident to achieve a chipped tooth. Your teeth can crack on a glass bottle, ice cubes, and other inane activities. If you have dental plaque or abnormal levels of acids leaving you with weak tooth enamel, you may require the cosmetic dental procedure of dental bonding to repair the chipped or cracked teeth and to prevent them from further damage.

Dental bonding shouldn’t concern you because it is entirely comfortable and painless. Best of all, the procedure is completed in one visit by dental bonding near me, depending on how many teeth you want to have bonded. You won’t even need anesthesia unless you wish to have cavities filled before the bonding procedure.

Why Consider Dental Bonding?

With many different procedures available to enhance your teeth’ appearance, why must you consider dental bonding to repair chipped and cracked or broken teeth? Dentists also provide dental veneers to conceal the defects of your teeth. When you hear about dental veneers, you may want to understand the differences between dental bonding vs. veneers. Let us explain the differences to you before telling you why dental bonding may be the perfect option for you to get your Precious smile back before Valentine’s Day.

Dental veneers are undoubtedly excellent options to conceal many defects on your teeth. You can either have porcelain dental veneers, composite resin veneers, or other alternatives also available from dentists. However, the procedure for having them requires time and multiple appointments with the dentist besides proving expensive during the application. Dental veneers cover defects on your teeth covered by dental bonding at affordable prices in a single visit.

Dental bonding repairs chipped, cracked, or broken teeth and also helps with discolored teeth. If you want to close minor gaps between your teeth or lengthen a shorter tooth, you can use this procedure to achieve your goal. The adhesive in the composite resin takes over your tooth where it is broken or chipped to make it appear natural.

Are You Fit for Dental Bonding?

The dentists in Cordova, TN, recommend dental bonding for patients with minor injuries on their teeth that are not affected by tooth decay. If you have lost a tooth or part of it, you may not find dental bonding suitable and may require an implant to replace the tooth.

Dental bonding is excellent for people unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, you must go ahead with the procedure before asking Arlington dental to provide dental bonding to conceal the defects on them.

Dr. Mark Whitlock chooses a shade similar to your natural teeth’ color for the bonding material to ensure it matches precisely with the color of your whitened teeth.

What Does the Procedure of Dental Bonding Involve?

As mentioned earlier, dental bonding merely requires one visit to the dentist’s office to change the appearance of your teeth dramatically. You do not require anesthesia unless you want to have a cavity filled or have a chipped tooth near the nerve.

After choosing the color of the composite resin material to match your natural teeth, the dentist prepares your teeth for the bonding material by applying an etching liquid on your teeth to roughen them. The rough surface helps the bonding material adhere to your teeth. After that, the composite resin material is applied to the area and molded to repair the damage.

If your tooth doesn’t appear as you would like it to be, your dentist can shape the tooth further if required.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

Getting your precious smile for Valentine’s Day and neglecting to care for it appropriately is a waste of time and money. Dental bonding costs around $ 300-$ 600 per tooth, and it makes sense for you to care for your investment for providing some attention to how you use your teeth.

Besides brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, you must avoid habits like using your teeth to open packages, chewing on hard foods or fingernails, and indulging in any practice detrimental to the well-being of your teeth. Use the precautions recommended by the dentist to have your precious smile with you for longer than just Valentine’s Day.

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