Misconceptions Regarding Root Canal Treatment

Misconceptions Regarding Root Canal Treatment

Jan 07, 2020

As someone who is considering a root canal treatment, you may stumble upon some pieces of information on the internet or rumors that are believed by many about root canal treatment. Some of these are misconceptions, while others are the truth. So, which is which? Worry no more, we at Arlington Dental are here to clear things out about the beneficial procedure. Here are some examples of the misconceptions circling about root canal treatment:

Root canal treatment is painful

When you say root canal treatment, pain is commonly associated with it. People would suddenly feel scared upon hearing these words and would have second thoughts about having one. A root canal treatment itself is not painful; the discomfort present is actually due to the spreading infection. At our practice, you don’t have to worry about feeling any pain since our dentist can provide you with a local anesthetic or laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for a guaranteed comfortable experience.

There is no pain; therefore, there is no need for a root canal treatment

There are patients who are not complaining about oral pain but are required to undergo a root canal. Remember, pain is not an indication of the condition, and it does not mean that your teeth are okay. Fortunately, dentists have a way of finding out if you need a root canal. Once they found out that an infection is present, a root canal treatment will be carried out. Failure in doing so will result in the spread of infection to the nearby tissues.

No need to visit the dentist after the treatment

Most of the time, people would no longer bother visiting the dentist after their root canal treatment. That is one of the common mistakes people believe. An appointment with the dentist should still be scheduled for them to monitor the treated tooth and for the placement of permanent filling or crown.

A root canal treatment leads to disease

There is a myth circulating on the internet, saying that root canal treatment causes illness. This assertion is false. There is no evidence to support such claim, so you don’t have to worry about undergoing a root canal treatment.

Why bother getting a root canal treatment if I can just have the tooth extracted

Some believed that it is best to extract the infected tooth than consider having a root canal treatment. As much as possible, it is best to consider saving your tooth than having it removed and replaced with an artificial one. Nothing beats the function of the natural tooth. Besides, missing teeth could lead to misalignment, speech difficulties, chewing problems, and more.

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