Six Month Smiles: Worth It or Not? – Cordova, TN

Six Month Smiles: Worth It or Not? – Cordova, TN

Jan 07, 2020

Braces take a year or two before they can be fully removed from the wearers’ teeth. Clear aligners, despite their ‘shorter treatment time’ claim, still need to be worn for a minimum of 9 months to one year or so. But there’s this option that proved orthodontics is not any more cumbersome: Six Month Smiles.

At Arlington Dental, we offer ‘fast orthodontics’ or Six Month Smiles to those who want a straight smile in just six months. Like the traditional approach, this orthodontic option still relies on the brackets and wires to move the front teeth, but in a more pleasing way. As you continue to read below, you’ll discover more of the pros and cons of Six Month Smiles. These pieces of information will make you think about if the said treatment is worth investing for.

Why Consider Six Month Smiles?

Listed here are the advantages of Six Month Smiles.

No Unsightly Look

Not a fan of metal brackets and wires? No problem! Six Month Smiles have components similar to traditional braces but minus the unsightly metals. The brackets used for this treatment is clear, and the wire is tooth-colored.

Fewer Expenses

Factors like the type of devices or the length of the treatment time may affect the cost of the orthodontic treatment. And since Six Month Smiles does not utilize transparent aligners, plus it is completed in a shorter period, its expected cost is lower compared to the other alternatives.

Quicker Results

The focus of Six Month Smiles is the teeth that are most shown when smiling. The other pearly whites, specifically those that are seated on the back portion of the mouth, is left untouched. It’s precisely the main reason why Six Month Smiles offer speed results compared to the conventional method.

What Are the Downsides of Six Month Smiles?

Below are the disadvantages of Six Month Smiles:

Bad Bites May Occur

Six Month Smiles only straighten the front teeth. The treatment does not mend bite issues. It may even impact the occlusion of the person.

Not All Teeth Are Straightened

Patients, especially those that do not really understand the concept of Six Month Smiles, may feel disappointed that their other teeth are still crooked or misaligned even if the treatment is over. As mentioned, Six Month Smiles only cater to the front teeth which means that the other pearly whites will stay as is.

The pros of Six Month Smiles weigh more than its cons. However, to accurately determine if the treatment matches your needs, we encourage seeing us for a consultation first.

Here at Arlington Dental, we make everyone’s dream smile come true through our Six Month Smiles treatment in Cordova, TN. Visit 8176 Old Dexter Rd. #106, Cordova, TN 38016 now!

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