The Consequences of Not Seeing the Dentist Regularly

The Consequences of Not Seeing the Dentist Regularly

Jan 07, 2020

It’s tempting to put off visiting the dentist, especially if you don’t have a toothache, but this could do you more harm than good. Most people don’t visit the dentist regularly despite the recommendation to have dental checkups every six months. The problem may be due to dental phobia and ignorance. However, as trivial as it may seem, visiting the dentist is crucial because failure to do so can bring about serious consequences such as:

You are at Risk of Tooth Loss

Contrary to popular opinion, tooth loss is not only for the old. If you have poor oral hygiene, you risk losing teeth.

Brushing your teeth every day solves half the problem. Even with regular brushing, plaque can still build up, which provides a perfect environment for bacteria to fester. If not cleaned properly, the plaque can cause decay and cavities.

As you know, dental decay, if not treated, can affect your teeth and gums. In severe cases, the dentist will be forced to remove the teeth to prevent the spread of the decay and preserve the dental structure.

During your regular dental checkup, our dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning to get rid of the plaque buildup and save your teeth.

Increased Risk of Gum Disease

Gum disease is another problem caused by plaque buildup. Periodontal disease doesn’t occur overnight but as a result of constant neglect of your teeth and gums. Plaque, a thick substance, can cause tartar, which leads to bacterial growth and gum inflammation.

The good news is that with early detection, our dentist can detect the tartar and perform a root scaling and planing to clean the bacteria off.

You May Develop Teeth Discoloration

The food and drinks we consume daily can affect the color of the teeth. If you consume large amounts of coffee and tea, with time, your teeth will get discolored.

Although foods are the primary cause of discoloration, other factors can cause teeth to discolor, such as medical conditions. At Arlington Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment to remove the stains and whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening is not permanent, so you will need regular treatments to maintain your bright smile.

You Will Not Get Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know oral cancer affects roughly 53,000 Americans annually? And one person succumbs to the disease every 24 hours? It is, therefore, important to get regular oral cancer screening to give you a fighting chance. We offer oral cancer screening as a preventive measure, and our dentist will do a routine checkup during your regular dental assessment.

If a problem is detected, you will be referred to a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Increased Risk of Other Health Disease

Your dental health and overall wellness are linked together. Poor dental health can affect your health and vice versa. With regular checkups, the dentist will be able to detect any abnormality. Remember, bacteria can spread to the other parts of the body and cause widespread inflammation.

Furthermore, there are also links between poor dental health and diabetes, respiratory diseases, and dementia.

You May Develop Halitosis

Although bad breath can be caused by various reasons, poor oral hygiene can also be a trigger. Gum disease and tooth decay (both caused by plaques) can cause bad breath. Part of maintaining a fresh breath is brushing, but more importantly, you need to have regular professional cleaning.

You Are at Risk of Expensive Dental Procedures

As aforementioned, without regular dental checkups, you may lose your teeth, which leave spaces in between. These spaces can affect your dental structure and appearance. Various restorative dental procedures are available that you can choose from veneers to bridges. These are a temporary solution, but if you are looking for permanent ones, then dental implants are the way to go. Regardless of the types, you will spend more money to have your teeth replaced.

Furthermore, procedures like scaling and root planning and root canal therapy, which help to remove decay, also cost money.

To avoid all these problems, get your regular dental checkups, and our dental team is here to help when you are ready.

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