Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Cordova, TN

The food and drinks that you consume greatly influence the appearance of your teeth. If you’re a coffee lover or drink red wine, then your teeth may be stained. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up what you love if you brush twice a day and get professional teeth whitening to keep them looking bright white.

Is Professional Whitening Better than Commercial Whitening Products?

The short answer to this question is yes. Our dentists at Arlington Dental use a teeth whitening solution that is gentler than most commercial whitening products because it doesn’t contain abrasive materials. Commercial whitening toothpaste has abrasive ingredients that can slowly erode the enamel, which can allow bacteria to settle in your teeth.

Also, while they can get teeth up to two shades lighter, that is for mild stains, and the effect is short-lived. When you use whitening strips or toothpaste, it may only last a couple of weeks. When our dentists in Cordova whiten your teeth, it can get them five to seven shades lighter and last for several months, sometimes as long as two years.

Whiten in Office or at Home

Another advantage of professional whitening is that you can choose to get it done in the office, or you can take a kit home with you and whiten your teeth while doing other things around the house. It only takes about 90 minutes, so you could vacuum, take a nice long bath, or watch your favorite TV shows while getting rid of the stains on your teeth.

Maintaining Professional Whitening

After your teeth are professionally whitened, you can prolong the effect by reducing consumption of caffeinated dark drinks, tomato-based foods, or you can rinse your mouth with water after you’ve had them.

While professional whitening will take care of most stains on the teeth, they cannot do anything about how your teeth look if the stains are on the inside of the teeth. Their appearance may be due to the medications that you’re taking or an injury to a tooth.

One of our dentists at Arlington Dental in Cordova will examine your teeth and make recommendations for whitening them.

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