Protecting your smile should be a priority when playing sports, especially contact sports. Store-bought mouthguards may seem like an easy option, but custom professional mouthguards offer superior protection and fit. 

6 Reasons Custom Mouthguards Are Better

  1. Made from dental impressions for ideal fit and comfort. Over-the-counter versions are one-size-fits-all. 
  2. Durable materials resist tearing or damage better than boil-and-bite guards.
  3. Cover all teeth, not just the front few. Full protection reduces the risk of injuries.
  4. Stay in place securely even when breathing heavily. Won’t fall out like cheaper versions.
  5. Allow unrestricted speech and breathing. Bulky generic guards can impair performance. 
  6. Last for years when properly cared for. Replacing disposable guards gets expensive.

Don’t take chances with tooth damage or expensive dental repairs. Investing in a custom athletic mouthguard offers the best protection for your mouth and wallet. Call Arlington Dental at 901-445-8144 to schedule your custom fitting today. You can also request an appointment online.