Chances are, you realize too much sugar can threaten your healthy smile. So you probably try to limit the amount you consume. That can be tough to do! Some foods that seem “healthy” have lots of sugar. 

For example, oatmeal seems like a good choice. But a McDonald’s version of the dish (with maple and fruit) has twice as much sugar as a glazed doughnut! That’s one of the surprising facts in this short video. It compares popular breakfast foods with a doughnut. It also offers some less sugary substitutes.

It’s a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible about sugar and other problematic ingredients. We’re happy to discuss diet with you when you visit us for your checkups. Dental cleanings also help lessen the effects of sugary foods. And of course, you should brush and floss every day. If you are prone to cavities, you may also benefit from fluoride treatments and/or dental sealants. Ask us about those options!

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