Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Cordova, TN

Why Should You Get Oral Cancer Screenings Done?

Statistics indicate that roughly over 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year.

Oral cancer screenings are oral examinations conducted by your dentist to check for signs of oral cancer. These examinations are preventive in nature and help identify signs early so that the treatment can begin as soon as possible. As far as cancer treatment is concerned, the recovery rate dramatically increases when the cancer is detected early.

We, at Arlington Dental, strongly recommend regular dental exams, which can bring any oral cancer symptoms to light as soon as possible. If the dentist notices any abnormalities, he or she may suggest further diagnostic tests or a biopsy of the area.

If you have any doubts about whether you’re at risk of oral cancer, please drop in or call us for an appointment. Our trained dentists will discuss your lifestyle choices and medical history and decide if you need an oral cancer screening.

How You Can Benefit from Oral Cancer Screenings at Arlington Dental

Then the main goal of oral cancer screening is to detect precancerous lesions or lumps at an early stage when they’re easiest to remove. Precancerous lesions may lead to full-blown cancer at a later stage.

Not everyone is at risk for oral cancer, and some patients may be at higher risks due to smoking, chewing tobacco, heavy drinking, or family history. You’re welcome to discuss your risk profile with your dentist or doctor to decide if you need an oral cancer screening.

There are two types of cancers that are mainly found during oral cancer screenings. These include mouth cancer and tongue cancer.

Mouth cancer signs include:

  • Abnormal lumps or whitish patches inside the cheek
  • A sore that doesn’t heal
  • Mouth or ear pain
  • Difficulty or pain in swallowing

Tongue cancer symptoms include:

  • Pain, redness or swelling in the tongue
  • Lumps, persistent sore throat or bleeding from the tongue
  • Persistent tongue ulcer

Tongue cancers usually involve surgeries as part of treatment.

Contact Arlington Dental in Cordova for more details regarding oral cancer screening procedures and costs.

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